The Business Management Simulation Workshop

The Business Management Simulation Workshop

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Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Increase awareness of operating a company from a general management perspective.
  • Recognize the interactions among the various companies and external influences in a complex and interrelated environment.
  • Interpret and forecast market situations and market results and translate them into goal-oriented decisions.
  • Use fact-based analytical decision-making techniques by linking the decisions to cash flows and bottom line performance.
  • Utilize teamwork and problem-solving methods in a dynamically evolving marketplace.
Who should attend:
All managers and business professionals who are involved in supporting the planning and strategy of their department and/or organization, as well as those who are involved in core business or support department management and supervisory roles.
Program Outline
The Power of Business Management Simulation
  • How the Cesim SimFirm Simulation Can Maximize your Company Performance
  • Familiarizing Teams with the Case Study
  • Conducting a Practice Round Using the Simulation Platform
  • Topics below will be discussed throughout the simulation decision rounds.
Strategy: The Game-Plan towards Achieving your Vision
  • Surpassing the Competition with the 4 Elements of the Strategy Pyramid
  • Planning for Victory through Determining Where to Play and How to Win
  • Guaranteeing Results by Turning Strategy into Action
Teamwork: The Secret Weapon of Sustainable Strategy Execution
  • Taking the Team from Formation to Full-Potential Performance
  • Leading a Team through Clear Skies and Storms
  • Eliminating Conflict to Achieve a Common Team Goal
Product Quality: Building a Product that your Customers Desire
  • Investing in the Organizational Engine – Production and Logistics
  • Maximizing Quality to Build a Lasting Customer Impression
Supply/Demand Management: Embracing the Customer’s Perspective
  • Mastering Price Elasticity of Demand to Retain and Grow your Customers
  • Managing Production and Delivery Levels for Lean Operations
  • Creating a Profitable Product Portfolio
Marketing and Customer Care: Creating Endless Promoters for Your Brand
  • Reaching All your Customers through Targeted Promotion
  • Revealing the Customer Care Secret that the Ritz-Carlton and Apple Employ
Financial Management: Driving Profitability and Long Term Shareholder Value
  • Studying the 5 Key Financial Ratios that Can Make or Break your Business
  • Making the Right Financial Decisions to Lead and Grow
  • Team Presentations of their Company Performance
  • Review of Lessons Learned from All Simulation Rounds
  • Celebrating Teams’ Successes and Realized Profits

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2021-03-12 @ 09:00 AM to
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