Happiness as a multiplier of Business Success

Happiness as a multiplier of Business Success

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Happiness multiplies everything. Happy and optimistic employees and leaders are more productive, more creative, score more sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Happy brains are set to achieve peak performance.

This course focuses on habits that help the participants to achieve a meaningful and happy life.

Topics include happiness, self-esteem, relationships, focus, change and optimism.

The goal is to show the participants the huge impact of happiness and optimism in a company as well as in their own lives.

We will use a variety of scientifically proven techniques that can lead to lasting change rather than a temporary high.

Program Objectives

  • Develop self-efficacy and grounded optimism
  • Discover a higher purpose and set concrete goals
  • Enhance positive emotions and navigate painful ones
  • Bring lasting change to individuals and organisations
  • Practice the art and science of effective communication
  • Bring out the best in oneself and others
  • Understand the key drivers of healthy and happy interpersonal relationships and learn how to apply this understanding to one’s own and other’s relationships
  • Practice a variety of mind-body techniques that help enhance physical and mental health

Who should attend:

Managers, CEOs, Leaders , Public Sector Managers , NGO staff

Program Outline

  1. Introduction

Understand how changing our mindset can change the way we relate ourselves to others.

Learn how to lead a happier life

2. Habits for personal success

Learn what successful people do and how gratitude can change your focus and your life.

Go through varios exercises with the goal to identify your purpose. Overcome stress and


3. Beliefs

Understand the power of positive beliefs and how they can act as self-fulfilling prophecies

through action The power of visualization and of our words. Learn how to raise your selfconfidence

4. Focus

The Power of Focus. Discover the importance of positive questions and how these can

change the way we see things and literally create our reality

5. Responsibility & Choice

How your attitude and choices influence your life.

6. Change

How to introduce change that lasts. Learn about the roles of rituals and habits in bringing

about lasting change.

7. The Mind-Body-Connection

Understand how mind and body are interconnected. Learn the effects physical exercise

has on our emotions.Understand the impact that sleep – or the lack of it – has on our

physical and mental health.

8. Goal setting

Learn about the importance of goal setting. People who set goals are generally a lot more


9. Perfectionism & Failure

Learn how to overcome perfectionism and failure

10. Interpersonal Relationships

Learn that relationships are the No.1 predictor of success and recognize the importance of

positive focus within our relationships

11. Self-esteem

Self-esteem is the root of everything.

Learn exercises to build your self-esteem

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Date And Time

2021-03-12 @ 09:00 AM to
2021-06-24 @ 02:00 PM

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