Feasibility Studies: Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation

Feasibility Studies: Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation

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Program Objectives:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Prepare and analyze feasibility studies.
  • Identify crucial arguments and effectively explore the various assumptions.
  • Present ideas in a simple, effective, convincing and objective manner.
  • Build a feasibility study financial model using Microsoft Excel.
  • Perform scenario and sensitivity analysis to improve plans and projections.
  • Analyze someone else’s feasibility study and find its merits and shortcomings.
Who should attend:
Anyone involved in preparing, writing and analyzing feasibility studies.
Program Outline
Introduction and Definitions
  • Feasibility Study Definitions
  • Feasibility Study Objectives
  • Feasibility Study versus Business Plan
  • Feasibility Study Cycle
  • Feasibility Study Preparation Steps
Feasibility Study Elements
  • Feasibility Study Report Elements
  • Executive Summary
  • Feasibility Study Outline
  • Market Feasibility
    • Market Research and Analysis
    • Market Research Data Types
    • Sales Projections Analysis
  • Technical Feasibility
    • Critical Technical Questions
    • Supply Feasibility
    • Operational Feasibility
  • Financial Feasibility
    • Project Costs
    • Indirect Costs
    • Ongoing Costs
Feasibility Study Financial Model Using Microsoft Excel
  • Building the Feasibility Study Financial Model
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Cost of Equity Using the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Unlevered Free Cash Flow (UFCF)
  • Terminal Value of the Project
  • Preparing Sensitivity Tables
  • Creating Different Scenario Analysis
Feasibility Study Appraisal and Analysis
  • Financial Analysis Parameters
    • Liquidity Ratios
    • Operating Ratios
    • Financial Leverage Ratios
    • Security Ratios
    • Profitability Ratios
  • Investment Appraisal Analysis
    • Quantity and Sales Breakeven Points
    • Payback Period
    • Net Present Value (NPV)
    • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
    • Profitability Index
Feasibility Study Evaluation and Implementation
  • Internal Recommendations and Conclusions
  • Evaluating Feasibility Studies
  • Common Mistakes in Using the Feasibility Study Results
  • Implementing the Proposals

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2021-03-16 @ 09:00 AM to
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